ONVO in Healthcare

Seamless solutions to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease

ONVO are specialists in handwashing, particularly in the education sector. We recognised that there is a need within the healthcare sector to have handwashing facilities that prevent the cross contamination of bacteria and diseases between patients and staff. All the ONVO handwashing facilities have been designed with this at the forefront of our minds and we have eliminated all bacteria traps including silicone joints, doors and access panels.

Featured Products

The ONVO Cliniwash and Mobile Cliniwash are the first ever completely seamless clinical handwashing units. Manufactured from Corian which is a non-porous, easy to clean solid surface material, both the Cliniwash and Mobile Cliniwash have been designed to eliminate all potential dirt traps which can be found on traditional units.

Onvo Cliniwash


Mobile Cliniwash

Mobile Cliniwash