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The ONVO Cliniwash is the first ever completely seamless clinical handwashing unit. Manufactured from Corian which is a non-porous, easy to clean solid surface material, the Cliniwash has been designed to eliminate all potential dirt traps which can be found on traditional units.

Onvo Cliniwash
Onvo Cliniwash
  1. Formed in One Piece – Basin seamlessly fixed to backplate. No silicone joints meaning there are no bacteria traps around the basin. Back panel falls seamlessly into the basin so there is no flat area for water or germs to collect.
  2. No Access Panels or Doors – Access panels and doors are not required removing the difficult to clean bacteria traps which normally surround these areas.
  3. ONVO Rail System – allows the whole unit to slide forward from the wall giving full access to the pipework behind.
  4. ONVO Copper Swivel System – Meets the demand for copper piping in healthcare environments whilst remaining flexible to allow the unit to slide forward.
  5. ONVO Steel Support Frame – Provides robust support and won’t deteriorate over time.
  6. ONVO Magnetic Locking System – Seamless and sleek locking system.
  7. 45 Degree Angled Top – For hygienic and easy cleaning purposes
600C/SM Surface Mounted Clinical Handwash 600mm 180mm
600C/R Recessed Clinical Handwash 600mm 180mm
600NC/SM Surface Mounted Non-Clinical Handwash 600mm 180mm
600NC/R Recessed Non-Clinical Handwash 600mm 180mm

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