About ONVO

ONVO originated from many years assisting architects with the design of school washrooms at Lovair. We recognised that we could be part of enhancing children’s experience at school and have a positive impact on the quality of their education.

We are firmly committed to supplying only the highest quality products, backed by honest, reliable service.

ONVO in Education

Toilet areas in schools have been a problem for many decades. The traditional design of these areas has promoted bullying, vandalism and a lack of cleanliness.

To combat this, the concept of open-plan washrooms was introduced by the UK Government in 2007 and has been a huge contributor to solving these problems – but also created its own. Hand washing areas are now visible from other areas of the school, generating the need for them to be visually attractive and easy to maintain.

And that’s where we can help. The ONVO Wash trough has been designed to meet these requirements with its seamless, elegant, easy to clean design.

ONVO in Healthcare

Hand washing in public healthcare buildings plays a very key part in stopping the spread of bacteria and infections. Therefore, it is very important that these areas are easy to keep clean and there are no places for bacteria to harbour.

The ONVO healthcare products have been designed with this in mind and have revolutionised these areas in public healthcare buildings and challenge traditional thinking through innovation.