Latherwash 2D

Onvo Latherwash 2D
Onvo Latherwash 2D

The ONVO Latherwash 2D is perfect for installing directly onto a solid wall. The taps are mounted onto the deck of the trough and therefore no void is required behind. The Latherwash 2D is very slim, only projecting 400mm from the wall and can be used with the complimentary ONVO Modular Frame System to conceal the pipework and wires underneath.

602D 600mm 1 2 27Kg
1202D 1200mm 2 3 42Kg
1802D 1800mm 3 4  58Kg
2402D 2400mm 4 5  73Kg
3002D 3000mm 5 6  88Kg

Bespoke lengths also available if required.

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