ONVO Safewash

The ONVO Safewash is the first ever completely seamless anti-ligature clinical handwashing unit.

Manufactured from Corian which is a non-porous, easy to clean solid surface material, the Safewash has been designed to eliminate all potential dirt traps whilst remaining completely safe with no ligature points at all.

The ONVO Safewash is the only anti-ligature that has no gaps in between panels and requires no silicone joint around the basin area. Also, thanks to a very unique locking method there are no visible fixings around the entire unit.

In summary the ONVO Safewash is the most hygienic anti-ligature basin available whilst meeting all water safety requirements and remaining completely safe for mental health environments.

Support the fight against infection

ONVO - handwashing for mental health environments

Quick and simple to install, easy to keep clean and effortless maintenance.

The Cliniwash range formed as the result of rigorous testing and research into the needs of handwashing facilities in clinical settings.

  1. Seamless Design – All dirt traps have been completely eliminated including gaps around access panels and the silicone joint around the basin
  2. Angled Basin Sides – Removes any ligature points around the basin and creates a deep, anti-splashing basin design
  3. Anti-ligature Tap Bubble – Eliminates any ligature points around the tap outlets
  4. Wave-on Sensors – Easy to use, touch free sensors to dispense hot and cold water
  5. ONVO Rail System & Support Frame – Provides robust support and allows the unit to slide out for access to pipework
  6. Solid Grade Laminate Backboard – Removes any ligature points where unit meets the wall
  7. Invis Fixings – Securely fixes the unit to the backboard with no visible fixings
  8. ONVO Copper Swivel System – Meets the demand for copper piping in healthcare environments whilst remaining flexible to allow the unit to slide forward

Product code: 500/S/MH

Product Application: Clinical Basin for Mental Health
Width – 500mm / Depth – 470mm

ONVO safewash - Safe handwashing for mental health environments