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Leading clinical wash hand basins, providing seamless solutions to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease.

Nowhere is hygiene and cleanliness more crucial than in the healthcare sector. Silicone joints, doors, access panels – all standard elements of regular handwashing facilities. And all areas for dirt and bacteria to build up – which is why you need the ONVO Cliniwash. The first-ever completely seamless clinical handwashing unit.

As the most advanced medical sinks on the market, the Cliniwash series is the result of years of experience and extensive research.

Hospital sinks designed specifically to prevent the cross-contamination of bacteria and diseases between patients and staff. These pioneering clinical basins reduce the risk of infection, maximise hygiene and increase efficiency.

Manufactured from Corian – a non-porous, easy to clean solid surface material – the Cliniwash is devised to eliminate all the potential dirt traps found on traditional units. And thanks to its innovative copper swivel system, pipework is easily accessed when required.

Medical sinks to support the fight against infection

Onvo Cliniwash

Quick and simple to install, easy to keep clean and effortless maintenance.

The Cliniwash range formed as the result of rigorous testing and research into the needs of handwashing facilities in clinical settings.

  1. Formed in one piece – the Cliniwash medical sink is seamlessly fixed to a backplate. No silicone joints mean no bacteria traps around the basin. The back panel falls seamlessly into the basin eliminating any flat areas for water or germs to collect.
  2. No access panels or doors – access panels and doors are not required, removing the difficult to clean bacteria traps that normally surround these areas.
  3. ONVO rail system – ensures the whole unit slides effortlessly forward from the wall to provide full access to the pipework behind.
  4. ONVO copper swivel system – meets the demand for copper piping in healthcare environments whilst remaining flexible to enable the unit to slide forward and offer easy access.
  5. ONVO steel support frame – provides robust support and won’t deteriorate over time.
  6. ONVO magnetic locking system – seamless and sleek locking system.
  7. 45 degree angled top – for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning.

Featured Case Studies

Take a look at our Cliniwash medical sinks in action. Or talk to the team to find out more.

Watford General Hospital

ONVO enjoyed working on this ward refurbishment project with GD Construction supplying the clinical hand wash basins throughout the scheme. It was great to be chosen by West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust and…

Northampton General Hospital

ONVO were delighted to be chosen by Northampton General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to supply the ONVO Cliniwash basins for the clinical hand wash points in the 16 isolation rooms throughout this new critical care facility.

Northampton General Hospital

York Hospital

ONVO were very pleased to be chosen by York Hospital to supply the clinical hand wash basins for their latest ward refurbishment. With the pipework being in the wall void the ONVO Surface Mounted Cliniwash was selected…

York Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead

ONVO have enjoyed work alongside Coulter Smith Construction Ltd on behalf of Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust, supplying the Cliniwash basin for the clinical hand washing areas in a recent ward refurbishment…

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

King’s College Hospital

Full refurbishment of the Derek Mitchell Unit at King’s College Hospital. ONVO were very pleased to be given the opportunity to supply the clinical hand wash basins at the entrance of each ward…

Kings College Hospital - ONVO UK