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Cliniwash - Medical hand wash sink

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Cliniwash - Medical hand wash sink


Cliniwash - Medical hand wash sink


Corner Cliniwash - Medical hand wash sink

What is the Cliniwash?

Essentially, the Cliniwash is a hand wash basin – but in reality, it is so much more than this.

High levels of cleanliness and hygiene are necessary in any environment, but in a healthcare setting they are vital. With vulnerable patients and a greater risk of infection, it’s essential to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria – and this demand has driven the development of the Cliniwash.

Thanks to its intuitive design, the Cliniwash can actively help to reduce the transfer of bacteria and viruses by reducing the number of areas where dirt and germs can accumulate.

Where can Cliniwash medical sinks be used?

That’s just it, these cleverly designed clinical sinks can be used in any healthcare setting. Hospitals, care homes, dental practices, doctors’ surferies, rehabilitation centres, the list goes on.

To find out more about how a Cliniwash could work in your healthcare venue, why not talk to a member of the team with a member of the team?

What are the benefits of a wall-mounted Cliniwash?

Just some of the advantages enjoyed by switching from a regular wash basin to a specially designed Cliniwash include:

Improved hygiene standards

Hand hygiene is hugely important to prevent the spread of infection. In a healthcare setting, Cliniwash not only works to actively promote superior hand cleaning, but it also boosts overall sanitation levels – minimising the risk of germs being passed throughout the building.

Reduced risk of infection

Traditional wash basins are prone to concealing dirt and bacteria. However, thanks to its unique ‘seamless’ design, the Cliniwash irradicates this problem.

By eliminating dirt traps, germs and bacteria have fewer places to hide, significantly reducing the risk of infection spreading between staff and patients.

Faster cleaning times

With fewer nooks and crannies requiring time and attention when cleaning, you can expect investing in Cliniwash to reduce cleaning times – freeing up staff for more intensive cleaning elsewhere.

Easy maintenance

With surfaces crafted from highly durable Corian, and the entire system built on an innovative copper swivel system, the Cliniwash is designed with effortless maintenance in mind.

Should access to the pipework be required, the Cliniwash will simply slide out of position.

Choice of colours

A clinical sink doesn’t have to look clinical!

Whilst handwashing stations are a practical requirement, it doesn’t mean they can’t look the part. In settings such as a children’s hospital ward or early years childcare facility, it’s important to make the environment as bright and welcoming as possible. Stainless steel can look harsh and intimidating but thankfully with a Cliniwash, you can choose from a range of inviting colours including green, blue, yellow, and red.