Modular Washroom Fittings for Educational Settings

School toilets have been a problem for many decades. The traditional design of these areas has promoted bullying, vandalism and a lack of cleanliness.

To combat this, the concept of open-plan washrooms was introduced by the UK Government in 2007 and has been a huge contributor to solving these problems – but also created its own.

Hand washing areas are now visible from other areas of the school, generating the need for them to be visually attractive and easy to maintain.

And that’s where we can help.

The ONVO Wash trough has been designed to meet these requirements with its seamless, elegant, easy-to-clean design.

Planning a school washroom refurbishment or building a new block of school toilet cubicles? Then get in touch with the team.

Our products

Whether you’re seeking a minimalist floating effect, need a modular framework to hide pipework and wires, or are short on space and think a wash fountain could be the way forward – you’ll find an impressive collection of school washroom solutions in our product range.

By offering modular fittings at bespoke lengths, we simplify the installation process. And, thanks to numerous other customisation options, regardless of whether it’s a new build or a school toilet refurbishment, you’re sure to find the perfect look and fit.

We use only the most robust materials –  such as Corian and steel – to construct the ONVO modular systems. Which is why we can confidently offer a 10-year guarantee.

About ONVO

ONVO originated from many years of assisting architects with the design of school washrooms at Lovair.

We recognised that we could be part of enhancing children’s experience at school and have a positive impact on the quality of their education.

We believe children and pupils of all ages – from nurseries and primary schools to secondary schools and sixth forms – deserve access to safe and hygienic toilet facilities. And we firmly committed to supplying only the highest quality products, backed by honest, reliable service.

Get in touch with the ONVO team

We thrive on a challenge and are always happy to talk over ideas and help to solve any tricky design problems you may be facing.

In so many schools, toilet refurbishment goes to the bottom of the list. Yet when facilities fail to meet modern day needs and standards, it’s simply not good enough.

Thankfully, ONVO products offer attractive, cost-effective, and space-efficient solutions.

So, if you’d like to discuss your project in more detail, or if you have a question about any of the products available here at ONVO, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve worked on numerous toilet refurbishment projects and are always happy to share our ideas and experience.


That’s the great thing – anywhere!

From the PE changing rooms and school toilets to staff washrooms and classrooms, we can help transform your school washroom facilities.

Encouraging hand hygiene, wash troughs and fountains enhance safety, protecting both staff and students from the spread of germs.


We specialise in the provision of modern, attractive washroom fittings for schools. This dedication to educational settings means we have a very real understanding of how important it is for schools to be able to source – and evidence – value for money.

At ONVO, we firmly believe that affordability shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality, style or durability. As such we strive to offer attractive, cost-effective designs made from robust materials, such as Corian and steel. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 10-year guarantee as standard.

Washrooms are every bit as important as the classroom. They are a fundamental necessity to everyday school life and represent an educational setting as much as any other space.

Dated school toilets are not only hard to keep clean, they are also renowned for attracting antisocial behaviour. It’s for this reason that open-plan washrooms are now the more favoured option, but this also means your facilities are on display – making it more important than ever that your toilets look the part.

Investing in school washrooms to ensure you provide attractive, safe and clean surroundings can actively enhance a student’s learning experience. Money well spent we’d say.

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