Circular Wash Fountains

Take a closer look at our innovative circular wash fountains. A modern, space saving solution for communal hand washing.

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6 User Wash Fountain

corian circular washfountain 1

Corian circular Washfountain with a built-in soap system. with a built-in soap system

8 User Wash Fountain

corian circular washfountain

Corian circular Washfountain with a built-in soap system. with a built-in soap system

Designed to save space, these clever and convenient stations enable up to either 6 or 8 students (depending on the model chosen) to wash their hands, whilst still only occupying an impressively small footprint.

Built with secondary schools in mind, the ONVO wash fountains are extremely durable and perfect for areas with limited wall space available.  Free standing, they occupy even less space than our wash trough sinks, house a fully integrated soap dispenser, and you can even choose between push operated or sensor taps.

The idea of open-plan bathrooms for schools was introduced by the government back in 2007 and, since then, the standards of school toilets have much improved. And rightly so. Here at ONVO, we believe all students have the right to a pleasant, hygienic and safe environment.

However, we also recognise that with the many advantages this progression brings, it also places increased demand on space for schools. Which is why we are delighted to offer circular wash fountains as part of our product range.

Just some of the benefits wash fountains offer, include:

  • Space-saving
  • Modern and attractive
  • Cost-effective alternative
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy supervision
  • A reduction in vandalism and bullying

With more flexible installation options, the positioning of wash foundations can facilitate easy supervision – helping to keep students safe and moderate the opportunity for bullying in the washroom area.

Add to this the fact that exposed pipework is reduced – and so too is the risk of flooding thanks to automated water controls and a centralised outlet – and it’s easy to see why many schools favour fountain bathrooms.

Fountain bathrooms avoid the installation challenges and expense of individual sinks and instead create a compact handwash area that is ideal for areas with limited wall space.

Each fountain can provide an individual spray head for up to 6 or 8 users. This dramatically reduces the room required to accommodate the equivalent number of handwashing facilities with traditional sinks.

With standard industrial wash fountains, individual foot valves activate the flow of water – but that’s where our sinks are different.

Carefully crafted for communal handwashing in schools, our wash fountains don’t rely on foot operation. Instead, individual push buttons activate the water supply or, if preferred, soap and water controls can be fitted with sensor operation.

Both automated and manual options are fitted with a time flow valve to ensure minimal waste. This also informs the correct length of time for washing, helping to ensure every user’s hands are thoroughly cleaned.

Find out more about circular wash fountains

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