Wash Trough Sinks

Smart, hygienic and cost-effective. Trough sinks are the ideal alternative to traditional hand basins.

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Latherwash 2D Curve with Modular Frame - Onvo UK

Latherwash 2W Curve

Latherwash 2W Curve

The iconic Latherwash 2W updated to our Curve range. The slimmest ONVO Washtrough  at only 307mm deep and requires a 150mm void behind.

Latherwash 2W Curve/MW

Latherwash 2W Curve with Modular Wall

With Modular Wall
The ultimate solution for a wall hung cantilevered washtrough with the accessible void behind all designed in.

Latherwash 2W Curve/MIU

Latherwash 2W Curve with Modular Island Unit

With Modular Island Unit
All in one solution for back-to-back washtroughs including full structural support.

Latherwash 2D Curve

Latherwash 2D Curve

The iconic Latherwash 2D updated to our Curve range. Ideal for installing straight onto a solid wall with deck mounted taps.

Latherwash 2D Curve/MF

Latherwash 2DMF Curve

With Modular Frame
The Latherwash 2D Curve with the ONVO Modular Frame for installations where pipework needs to be

Latherwash 2N Curve

Latherwash 2N Curve

For Early Years projects with ability to be installed at 500mm high and still achieve spacious access below. __

Purewash 2W Curve

Purewash 2D Curve

A simplified design of the iconic Latherwash for a slightly more corporate look. Requires 150mm void behind and is compatible with the ONVO Modular Wall.

Purewash 2D Curve

Purewash 2D Curve

A simplified design of the iconic Latherwash for a slightly more corporate look. Can be installed directly onto a solid wall and is compatible with the ONVO Modular Frame.



For use in classrooms and in particular Early Years play areas where washing facilities are required. particular Early Years play areas where washing facilities are required.

Specifically designed for communal hand washing, a wash trough replaces rows of individual sinks with one long narrow basin which can accommodate multiple users. Premixed water is supplied at a fixed temperature from taps positioned at regular intervals. And one of the most popular features is that the troughs don’t fill – helping to reduce the risk of flooding.

Here at ONVO, we firmly believe that providing modern, safe and attractive washrooms, is a necessity, not a luxury. As such, we are committed to supplying only the highest quality products.

Our range of wash trough sinks offers something for all settings. Take for example the ultra slim Latherwash 2D curve, which only protrudes 400mm from the wall making it a great space saver. Or the Latherwash 2N which can be fitted at a height of just 500mm  – ideal for very young children. All our trough sinks come in a range of lengths, typically starting at 600mm and extending to 3000mm (bespoke lengths available on request), with a choice of colours, sensors taps and soap dispensers to choose from – so we’re confident we can provide the ideal trough sinks for your school.

Historically, school toilets have been unpleasant places, serving as a magnet for vandalism and bullying. Thankfully, back in 2007, the government introduced the concept of open plan bathrooms. And, as part of this revolution, official guidance from the Department for Education, recommended providing communal handwashing facilities with trough sinks.

Benefits of school trough sinks:

  • Simple to install
  • Attractive
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Allow for easy supervision from staff
  • Help to reduce vandalism
  • Help to reduce bullying

Great news, yes!

Here at ONVO, our range of wash trough sinks offer a solution for school bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. From the slimline Latherwash 2W at only 307mm deep to the clever modular island unit, which allows a trough sink to be fitted just about anywhere.

All trough sinks come in a variety of lengths, with bespoke options available on request. So, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your requirements.

If space is particularly tight, you might find our wash fountains provide a preferable alternative. Take a look now or talk to the team for more guidance on making the right choice for your school.

Without doubt, one of the key attractions of trough sinks in schools is the fact they are so easy to maintain and keep clean.

We construct all our innovative systems using only the most durable and high-quality materials (Corian and steel) – ensuring bathrooms not only look the part, but also have the durability to withstand the rigours of everyday school life and constant use.

The clever design of a trough sink keeps pipework and wires safely tucked away. Our wash trough sinks have streamlined surfaces, meaning bathrooms are not only easier to clean, but safer and more hygienic environments.

With such a great range of products available here at ONVO, we’re confident we’ve got the right wash trough for your school. View the collection now and simply click through for further information or to download a detailed specification pack. To narrow down your choice, and identify the ideal solution for your school’s needs, it’s helpful to have a clear idea of the age of the children using the facilities and available space.

Want to discuss your project in more detail? No problem. The ONVO team are always on hand and happy to help, offering advice and guidance about any of our products. You can get in touch by completing our online form, requesting a call back or emailing sales@onvouk.com. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to someone right now, please feel free to call on 0161 302 5340.

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