Purewash 2D Curve

Purewash 2D Curve

The ONVO Purewash 2D Curve is a simplified design of the iconic Latherwash where a slightly more corporate look is preferred. With the taps mounted on the deck of the washtrough, this unit can be installed directly onto a solid wall. The Purewash 2D Curve is compatible with the ONVO Modular Frame for boxing in below if required.

1202PD/C 1200mm 2 3 45Kg
1802PD/C 1800mm 3 3 62Kg
2402PD/C 2400mm 4 4 79Kg
3002PD/C 3000mm 5 5 93Kg
3602PD/C 3600mm 6 6 107Kg

Bespoke lengths also available if required.

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Line Drawings

Purewash 2W Curve Product

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