Latherwash 2W Curve with Modular Island Unit

The Modular Island Unit is designed to provide a safe structural half height support frame to mount washtrough onto. When washtroughs are required to be fitted in the middle of a room or projecting out from a wall, the steel modular island unit can be bolted to the ground. The void between the two troughs is designed to hide all pipework and can contain the ONVO multifeed soap container. Access can be either from beneath the washtrough or via a removable lid on the top of the unit. The frame can then be clad in plywood and finished in whiterock, tile etc to match the rest of the room.

1202WIS 1202W/C 1566mm 1200mm 4
1802WIS 1802W/C 2166mm 1800mm 6
2402WIS 2402W/C 2766mm 2400mm  8
3002WIS 3002W/C 3366mm 3000mm  10
3602WIS 3602W/C 3966mm 3600mm  12

Bespoke lengths also available if required.

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