Latherwash 2W

The ONVO Latherwash 2W is ideal for educational facilities where the wall build up can be designed to accommodate a 150mm void behind the trough. This is the slimmest trough in the ONVO range at only 307mm deep, with all the pipework and wires concealed in the void behind. No boxing in underneath is required, lending itself to a minimalistic floating effect. Bespoke lengths also available if required.

Product Codes

Code Length Users Brackets Weight
602W 600mm 1 2 25Kg
1202W 1200mm 2 3 40Kg
1802W 1800mm 3 4 56Kg
2402W 2400mm 4 5 71Kg
3002W 3000mm 5 6 87Kg


Download Packs:
  • Latherwash 2W Download Pack