St John’s Primary School, Edinburgh


Project Team

Client Architect Main Contractor Plumbing Contractor
The City of Edinburgh Council Holmes Miller Architects Graham Construction Tom Knight & Son (See below testimonial)

Project Description

Overall Value: 14 Million

Built on the vacated site of Portobello High School, the new St John’s Primary School is a brand-new modern school made possible by Scottish Government funding and inspired thinking within the City Council. The two-stream primary school has a flexible design with both formal and informal teaching areas and offers provision for 40 morning and 40 afternoon nursery places. ONVO very much enjoyed working with the design and site team to provide the washtroughs, sensor taps and soap dispensers throughout the primary school and nursery toilet areas.

Plumbing Contractor Testimonial

‘It has been a pleasure to work with the ONVO team installing the Latherwash Washtroughs in the main pupil and nursery toilets at the new St Johns Primary, Edinburgh. The ONVO products come to site fully assembled and are a delight to install, saving a lot of time on site. The ONVO team were very helpful from before an order was placed through to completion. I would highly recommend this company and their products for any future school projects.’

Tom Knight

Products Used

Latherwash 2W Curve

Latherwash 2N Curve

180 Sensor Tap

180 Sensor Tap

140 Sensor Tap

480 Soap Dispenser

766 Soap Dispenser

180 Sensor Tap