Since the COVID-19 pandemic, awareness around hand hygiene has undoubtedly increased. Yet, according to the Global Hygiene Council, 42% of children don’t wash their hands properly.

With schools a notorious breeding ground for germs, anything that can be done to improve the situation – and encourage higher standards of cleanliness – is essential.

Why don’t children wash their hands?

A survey carried out by Russell Research for the American Cleaning Institute to provide insight into handwashing behaviours in school cited time restraints, poor facilities, and lack of resources (no soap, nothing to dry hands with, etc.) as some of the key reasons children aged under the age of 18 fail to clean their hands properly.

Add to this the fact that school toilets are often the ideal setting for anti-social behaviour, and it’s no wonder that kids look to make a sharp exit.

How can things be improved?

A wash trough works by switching out individual sinks for one long basin that’s capable of accommodating multiple users.

Swapping standard handwash basins for wash troughs will not only promote better handwashing habits and a healthier environment, but can also help to foster a safer space – and save money.

6 reasons a wash trough is a great choice for a school setting

1.      Easy to keep clean

The Department for Education (DfE) advises that wash troughs are, ‘constructed from a continuous surface with no visible joints’. This is so they can be cleaned effectively, as, ‘joints lead to dirt and germ build-up’.

It’s not just reduced joints that are a benefit, though. Wash troughs create fewer awkward spaces and reduce pipework on show, making cleaning more streamlined and straightforward.

Keeping things simple also speeds up the cleaning process. So sanitising and staying on top of hygiene is faster, freeing up time for other tasks.

2.      Create a safer environment

Since 2007, the DfE has actively encouraged communal handwashing areas to allow for easier staff supervision and to reduce situations where anti-social behaviour and bullying can occur.

Wash troughs are ideal for this. Made to bespoke lengths, they can fit into almost any space and are perfect for open-plan bathroom designs.

By offering a safe space, more students will feel comfortable taking the time to wash their hands properly.

3.      Reduce the risk of damage

With wash troughs, all pipework and wiring is concealed in the void behind the trough. Not only does this make the sinks look more attractive, but it also safeguards against damage and vandalism.

In addition, trough sinks don’t fill – countering any potential flood risk.

4.      Promote a healthier environment

By providing practical, functional, yet modern washing facilities, schools can promote better hand washing habits.

The result of improved hand washing, combined with a more sanitary setting, will actively reduce the spread of germs and bacteria – keeping sickness absences to a minimum and teachers and children in the classroom.

5.      Simple to install

The ideal is to carry out renovation work during school holidays to avoid disruption to daily school life – although this isn’t always possible.

Opt for wash troughs, as one sink rather than multiple, and installation will be quicker, with less plumbing required.

6.      They look great

Practicality, durability, and safety have to override looks when it comes to a school environment, but with a wash trough, it’s possible to get the best of all worlds.

Modern, sleek, and available with brightly coloured modular frames, they are the perfect solution for educational settings.

Why opt for wash troughs from ONVO?

Simple – because at ONVO, not only do we specialise in school washroom fittings, but our wash troughs are also made from high-quality Corian and backed by an impressive 10-year guarantee.

With a school wash trough from us, you’ll be meeting guidance from the Department of Education, which recommends:

Materials used should be easy to clean with readily available environmentally friendly cleaning products. Although stainless steel is an option, some schools have found keeping it clean problematic – and in some schools, it has been vandalised because it feels prison-like’.

Our solid surface wash troughs are carefully crafted from white Corian. Modern, attractive, naturally hygienic, highly robust, and easy to keep clean – you can achieve great-looking washrooms without making compromises.

Let’s talk

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