Trough sinks for school aren’t just a good idea, they’re a great one.

Outperforming traditional sinks, the use of wash troughs through all stages of education, from early years to college level, comes highly recommended – and not just by us!

The Department for Education and Skills (DfE) agrees. Claiming in their booklet, The Standard Specifications, Layouts and Dimensions (SSLD) for School Buildings, Part 3 that, “Wash troughs are preferable to individual wash basins – they are easier to clean, aesthetically more pleasing, and reduce the potential for pupils to flood the toilets.”

Want to know more?

Here we take a look at the key differences between a standard sink and a school wash trough, highlighting the benefits a simple change in handwash station could bring to your setting.


What’s the difference between a sink and a wash trough?

The main difference between a standard sink and a wash trough is the design.

A sink is built for individual use. Each basin is fitted with its own taps, waste, and drainage. In contrast, a wash trough is one long basin intended to service multiple users at the same time.

With a trough, all water drains through one outlet. This dramatically reduces pipework and helps to increase the number of wash points that can be accommodated within a designated space.

What’s particularly useful is that, if the trough is for an early years or primary setting, more taps can be fitted to increase the capacity for washing without increasing the overall size of the trough.


Advantages of trough sinks for schools

  • The look

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with the look of a standard basin, but nor is there anything exceptional about it. Streamlined and modern, a wash trough helps to instantly update the appearance of school washrooms.

  • Increase hygiene

It’s imperative hand washing facilities encourage use, are simple to use and, crucially, are easy to keep clean.

Thanks to its smooth surface area and reduced pipework, keeping wash troughs clean and germ-free is not only easier but faster too!

  • Fitting

Also faster is the speed at which a school wash trough can be fitted.

With one water outlet per trough, the need for individual plumbing is massively reduced, taking what could otherwise be plumbing for multiple sinks down to plumbing for one – without losing washing capacity!

  • Balance budgets

After officials at the DfE admitted accounting errors in October of last year, school leaders have been forced to rethink budgets for 2024-25. The impact of this blunder means that mainstream primary and secondary schools have received at least £50 less per pupil than originally forecast, a miscalculation that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on crucial decisions, including maintaining and improving school facilities.

Even more crucial then, is that any planned work or improvements can prove themselves not only to be cost-effective but also to offer savings and efficiencies long term.

A wash trough does this.

Made from high-quality Corian, our school wash troughs are built to last – which is why they come with an impressive 10-year guarantee.

  • Increase capacity

It’s not just budgets that are stretched. Student numbers have also nearly doubled over recent years, with more young people aged 18-24 in full-time education.

More students, same space? Wash troughs are a smart way to increase capacity and cater for a larger student population without having to finance an entirely new washroom.

Troughs take up less space than sinks. They can also be made to measure, allowing all available space to be maximised.


Make improvements (and savings) today

Practical, efficient, hygienic, and attractive – if there’s a situation where a standard basin is preferable to a trough sink for schools, we can’t think of it!

To find out more about using wash trough sinks in education, why not download a copy of our brochure or view the collection online?

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