The struggles faced by professionals working in mental health environments can be complex.

In particular, ensuring that patients’ hygiene needs are taken care of, whilst also addressing safeguarding concerns, presents its own unique challenges.

In this blog, we highlight the need for specialised hand hygiene solutions to become a universal requirement for all mental health facilities.

We will also explore the benefits of the Onvo Safewash; the world’s first completely seamless anti-ligature clinical handwashing unit.

Why Anti Ligature Hygiene Products are Vital in Mental Health Services

Research conducted by the University of Manchester found that the most common method of suicide in mental health residential settings is self-strangulation using a ligature.

Consequently, there is an urgent need to address the risk of self-harm and suicide by this method in all mental health facilities.

Every NHS Trust, private mental healthcare team, and national institutes providing mental health treatment should take all possible steps to reduce ligature risk, safeguarding the well being of their patients.

Those with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or schizophrenia are more likely to have a predisposition to self harm or suicidal ideation.

Moreover, individuals suffering from mental health problems occasionally have to be detained against their will for their own safety. This can cause them to experience high levels of stress; which can sometimes, unfortunately, be a precursor to incidents of violence, self harm, or attempted suicide.

Appropriately designed anti ligature products, including fixtures and fittings in individual patients’ rooms, bathrooms, and common areas, are essential in supporting caregivers in their duty to ensure patient safety.

All clinical anti ligature products, such as toilets, hand washing facilities, and anti ligature lighting, should be designed and installed with great care, eliminating the potential for self harm.

Seamless designs of these fixtures and fittings ensure they do not become a ligature risk, as there are no points where a cord, rope, or fabric can be attached.

Mental Health Problems with Hand Hygiene Facilities

Standard basins are typically unsuitable for any mental healthcare setting that cares for vulnerable individuals with mental disorders. Their designs often feature many seams and other points that could be used to tie a ligature.

Additionally, patients suffering from mental health problems may face issues with maintaining adequate levels of personal hygiene.

Healthcare associated infections are a real risk in many mental health residential settings, and the design of standard sinks does nothing to encourage better standards of hygiene.

The Onvo Safewash: Anti Ligature Hand Washing for Mental Health Services

The Onvo Safewash is an advanced clinical hand washing unit, specifically designed to address the urgent need for anti ligature hand hygiene equipment in mental health services.

This product is more than just a fancy new sink for your mental health facility; it’s a strategic, purpose built solution to improve your patients’ personal hygiene and safety. It goes beyond meeting basic safety and hygiene standards set by the World Health Organisation; it sets a new benchmark in the field of safer fixtures and fittings for mental health settings.

The Onvo Safewash features an anti-ligature design, which means it is entirely free of seams and other potential ligature points. The Safewash incorporates innovative features like touch-free operation and efficient drainage systems, enhancing its functionality and hygiene.

Additionally, its user-friendly, ergonomic design encourages frequent hand washing, prioritising comfort and ease of use for both patients and staff.

This focus on ergonomics leads to a more effective and safer hand washing experience, helping health care workers to maintain a sterile environment and reduce the spread of pathogens.

The versatile design of the Safewash makes it suitable for a wide range of mental health settings, from high-risk areas to general use facilities.

Durable, Long Lasting and Easy to Maintain

The Onvo Safewash is built to last. Constructed from highly durable materials, it will withstand the demands of any busy mental health facility for years to come.

Its durability and longevity reduce the need for frequent replacements or repairs, making it an ideal choice for any eco-conscious mental health organisation.

The seamless design of the Safewash makes cleaning straightforward. The unit can be maintained with minimal effort, whilst ensuring compliance with stringent UK regulatory requirements and hygiene standards.

Enhance Your Mental Health Facilities with the Onvo Safewash

Choosing to install Safewash facilities throughout your mental health care facility goes well beyond mere practicalities. You are making the decision to invest in the well being of both your patients and staff.

Contact Onvo to learn more about how the Safewash can benefit your facility and support your commitment to exceptional patient care.

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