When it comes to hygiene in a healthcare setting, clean hands are top priority. Largely acknowledged as playing a key role in infection prevention and control.

Yet knowing this and still ensuring the highest possible hand hygiene standards, can be difficult. Ready access to sinks, soap and hand gels simply isn’t enough. To really fight back against infection, you need to raise the bar even higher.

Question is, how do you do this?

The answer lies in specialist handwashing equipment.

Here healthcare wash trough specialists at ONVO, reveal how their latest revolution in clinical hygiene – the Cliniwash – can help to take hygiene standards to the next level.

What is the ONVO Cliniwash?

The ONVO Cliniwash is a hospital wash basin offering the very latest in design and technology to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease.

The Cliniwash is a seamless solution – in every sense of the word – and is one of the most advanced medical sinks currently available. Designed to avoid all the typical ‘dirt traps’ of a standard sink, the Cliniwash uses an innovative copper swivel system to allow easy access to otherwise hidden pipework.

How does it work?

The Cliniwash is clean and clever. It works on the basic principle of making it impossible for germs to hide.

Formed in one piece the wash basin is seamlessly fixed to a back plate, meaning there are no silicone joints where bacteria can build up.

No access panels or doors (prone to harbouring bacteria) are needed either, as all pipework is fitted behind the single backplate. And, thanks to its clever magnetic locking system, the unit effortless slides away from the wall when access is required.

Supporting staff and patient hygiene

Responsibility for hygiene rest on everyone’s shoulders. From the healthcare professional and the patients they care for, through to visitors and cleaning staff.

In fact, the NHS recognise the importance of cleaning staff in protecting against infection in their recent publication on National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness.

Make cleaning easier with the Cliniwash is an excellent step towards supporting effective infection prevention and control. Helping to maintain high standards of hygiene and reduce risk levels in-between cleans.

Specialist healthcare wash troughs, aren’t the only way you can encourage better hygiene. Educating staff on when, how and with what to wash hands is also key.


The World Health Organisation developed the ‘Five Moments’ approach to assist everyone working in healthcare to identify when to implement hand hygiene.

The five key moments are identified as:

  • before touching a patient
  • after touching a patient
  • after touching patient’s surroundings
  • before carrying out sterile procedures
  • after body fluid exposure/risk

What with and how?

To wash hands thoroughly soap and water or an alcohol rub can be used – a ready supply to all should always be available.

In terms of performing a proper wash, it’s a good idea to position posters close to handwashing stations to demonstrate the best technique – and timescale – needed to ensure hands are successfully decontaminated. Staff will already be trained in hand hygiene, but it’s not just patients who require guidance. Everyone can benefit from a gentle reminder.

Raising standards

Reinforce your defences in the fight against infection and invest in the ONVO Cliniwash – the ultimate hospital wash trough.

To find out more about how the Cliniwash could raise standards in your healthcare setting, get in touch with the team today.