Drinking water is essential to health – you don’t need us to tell you that. But as we head into the summer months and the risk of dehydration increases, this importance is heightened.

Just some of the adverse effects experienced from not drinking enough water include reduced concentration, slower reaction times, and a negative effect on mood.

Physiologically, it can make you feel pretty grim, too. Leaving you tired, lightheaded, dizzy, or sick.

Easy to understand, then, why schools have a responsibility to ensure all students have access to clean drinking water.

One of the easiest ways to do this? Provide ready access to a drinking water fountain.

Here the team at ONVO highlight the benefits of water fountains and their place in all learning environments.


Do schools have to offer access to drinking water?


According to current legislation from the Department of Education (DfE), drinking water facilities must be provided in schools.

These should be:

  • accessible at all times when the premises are in use
  • in a separate area from the toilet facilities
  • clearly marked as drinking water.


Guidelines for drinking fountains in school

In addition to these legal requirements, the DfE also recommends:

  • Routine (and regular) cleaning

Every drinking fountain must be frequently disinfected to prevent the growth of bacteria and the spread of harmful viruses.


  • To carefully consider location

Minimise the risk of contamination by giving careful thought to the positioning of any water fountains. For example, avoid placing too near toilets.


  • Proper maintenance

Water fountains should be regularly inspected for signs of potential faults and any issues fixed as a priority.


  • Educating

Inform students on the appropriate use of water fountains, particularly around the importance of not touching the spout with their mouths or hands.


  • Avoiding tanked water supplies

Maintaining the condition of the water is easier if supplies are connected directly to the water mains.


Although there’s no set guidance on the number of water fountains that should be provided, it’s recommended to base provision on student volume and building size. This will help to ensure that access is readily available.


Additional benefits of providing water fountains

It’s not just physical and mental benefits that are delivered by increasing access to drinking water with water fountains.

Other advantages include:

  • Promoting a healthier diet

Water fountains support a healthier approach to children’s diets, encouraging drinking water in place of sugary drinks.


  • Care for teeth

More water drinking will benefit oral health. Fluoride is found in water in all areas of the UK and can help to prevent tooth decay – in some locations, it’s even added to the supply to improve dental health.


  • Reduce waste

Single-use plastic bottles contribute towards the production of CO2 and account for one third of plastic waste. Invest in a drinking water fountain with bottle filler and encourage pupils to refill. This is better for the environment thanks to the reduction of plastic waste and guaranteed to reduce problems with litter around school premises.


  • Reduce expenses

Bottled drinks can be expensive, even bottled water. Reduce costs for students by providing free and plentiful access to drinking water.


Improve access to drinking water

Streamlined, hygienic, and modern approaches are just the way we do things here at ONVO.

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