The perfect fit. There’s nothing quite like it.

But slotting into place is just one reason why modular washroom fittings have soared in popularity – there are many more.

Wondering if a modular wash trough is really worth the switch from traditional hand basins? Read on to discover why a move to modular is the only way forward.

Advantages of a modular wash trough

·         Highly customisable

If one size doesn’t fit all, then surely neither does one look. With a modular wash trough, you have the freedom to not only customise length, but also to choose from multiple widths, colours, and fixtures. You can even move taps closer together and increase wash station capacity – ideal if the bathroom is for younger users.

·         Maximise space

Space is always in short supply, and invariably there’s always a queue for the toilets – modular units can help to solve this problem.

By switching to modular bathroom wash troughs, you can not only specify sizes, but there are also options for installation in central floor space (see our modular island unit). More design flexibility means there’s potential to release space for more cubicles.

·         Reduce waste

Keen to evidence making more environmentally conscious decisions? With a modular wash trough, you can!

Each unit is created off-site to bespoke measurements, so material waste is reduced. Combine with sensor taps and soap dispensers and their automated dosing will further minimise any wastage. Good for the environment – and your budget!

·         Cost-efficient

It’s not just reducing water waste that can help to save money – a wash trough is cost-effective in numerous ways, making sure you only pay for exactly what you want and need.

Made from highly durable Corian, you can also rest assured that you’re investing in a long-lasting solution, perfectly suited to endure the rigours of constant daily use.

·         Easier (and quicker) to clean

With the modular design of wash troughs, pipework is covered, there are fewer silicone joints, and the wash basin itself is one streamlined unit. The perk of this is that not only are there fewer places for dirt and bacteria to build up – raising hygiene standards and reducing the risk of spreading germs – but the process of cleaning is streamlined and therefore also much quicker to complete.

·         Safer

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes. Avoid awkward nooks and crannies, climbing spaces, sharp corners, and dangerous edges by fitting a modular washroom unit that slips perfectly into position and leaves no problematic areas.

·         Less disruptive

In any setting, but particularly a school environment, keeping disruption to a minimum is important. If you’re looking to make improvements to a school washroom, the chances are you’ll try to schedule any work for holiday periods.

Yes, avoiding the upheaval during term time is ideal, but this reduces your windows of opportunity to carry out said work. With modular solutions, installation is simplified – making the process of upgrading faster and more efficient, and allowing work to be considered outside of school closure periods.

Upgrade to modular wash troughs today

Tempted, but still have questions about how a modular wash trough unit could benefit your setting? Then why not take a look at our products in more detail? Alternatively, get in touch to speak with a member of the ONVO team directly.

Specialising in modular washroom fittings for schools, we use only the highest quality materials for our products – which is why all our wash troughs come with an impressive 10-year guarantee.

Make the switch and start benefitting today.